About HONFablab


HONFablab is an incubator laboratory that provide space & tools for developments works or projects on arts, open science, open design, open hardware and free technology. And its open for anyone!

HONFablab dedicate to unlock creativity for DIY engineer, DIY enthusiast, Makers, Hobbyst, Citizen scientists, artists, designers by getting access on experimentation, trial & errors, creative research & development, prototyping, design thinking and workshops, networking and collaboration.

Anyone can use HONFablab space to develop works or projects individually or by group. A space to learn open science and free technology, space for sharing knowledge and sharing ‘how to’. And a space to collaborate within communities at HONF.

Assist and working on your own projects
Assist and working on your own projects

HONFablab equipped with combination of analog, electronics and digital fabrication tools, founded and run by HONF Foundation since July 2011. HONF (House of Natural Fiber) is a non profit organization run by community in Yogyakarta since 1999, focused on research, development and creation on arts, science and technology based on own created platform called Education Focus Program (EFP). EFP concentrates on interdisciplinary knowledge exchanges and collaborations in critical analysis towards local and global issues and creating innovative ideas to seek solutions for them.

About HONF Foundation: www.honf.org