HONFablab equipped with various tools and digital fabrication machines. A combination of digital fabrication and manual tools to help anyone to develop any projects, artworks, products in a prototyping scale.

Please be aware that digital fabrication means processing the work with digital methods, and requires digital files. 

Digital Fabrication Tools

Laser Cutter

A laser cutter machine with 90cm x 60cm working area, and 80W power. It function to cut any non metal materials and engrave almost all materials (include specific metals). It help you to cut material with high accuracy that not possible to cut using hand tools (such as hand saw or cutter knives). While the engrave function is to add an aesthetic value on the materials.

Materials that possible to cut: acrylic, multiplex (plywood), paper, cardboard, leather (or leather-like material), vynil (or similar), fabrics, plastic (non PVC)
Note: Maximum thickness: 6mm

Materials that possible to engrave: acrylic, multiplex (plywood), paper, cardboard, leather (or leather-like material), vynil (or similar), fabrics, plastic (non PVC), aluminium (non heat proof), and other non heat proof metals.
Note: Engraving is only scratch the material surface based on laser power and speed. The depth of the engraving not possible to set.

3D Printer

2 3D printers are equipped in the lab:
Printer RepRap Prusa i3 : Printer with maximum object print  200mm x 200mm x 180mm (X – Y – Z). Accuracy level with maximum 100 micron (0.1mm) layer height
Uses material/filament: PLA (Polylactic Acid) and ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)

Files that can be use: This machine work with .gcode file. To prepare .gcode from .STL or .OBJ you need a slicer software, such as Cura (from Ultimaker) or Slic3r

Printer Buccaneer dari Pirate3D : Printer with maximum object print 130mm x 96mm x 139mm (X – Y – Z). And accuracy level up to 50 micron (0.05mm layer height).
Uses materials/filament: PLA

Files that can be use:  .STL (direct print from laptop or smartphone wirelessly, use Buccaneer apps/software)

3D Modeller & PCB Maker


Roland Modela MDX-20 is a small cutting and milling machine to make 3D modelling. The working area is 203mm x 152mm (X – Y) and 62.4 mm (Z). It has capability to cut, mill, 3d scanning and tracing PCB. At HONFablab we use Fab Module software running on Ubuntu 15.


Cutting material based on the 2 dimensional vector graphic. File format for the vector graphic shall be .DXF

3D Milling:

Milling 3D object based file to any solid materials, except metals. 3D files shall be use .STL or .OBJ

3D Scanning:

Scan any 3D object to create digital data for any reproduction or modify existing objects. It uses a needle bit to scan object placed on the working plate. Output file may vary, but mainly .STL and .OBJ

PCB Trace:

Produce your own circuit board using tracing feature. Any plain single or double sided copper layered board can be traced. Please remember, plain board, not the ready made proto board.

You can use any of these following Software to design your circuit:

  1. KiCad EDA (open source)
  2. Fritzing (open source)
  3. Open Circuit Design (open source)
  4. Circuit Maker (need to sign-up)

Sticker Vinyl Cutter


Roland CAMM GX-24 is a vinyl cutter with 58cm width cutting area and up to 25m length (1 sticker roll). You may use any vector editing based software to make the design, such as CorelDraw!, Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape, then directly send to print (cut) to the machine.
At HONFablab we use Inkscape software with OS Ubuntu to run this machine, Click here to learn more how to work with Inkscape

Materials that can be use: Vinyl sticker (high quality or standard), another type of sticker paper with various quality.

Electronics Tools & Analog

Electronic Station & Components


HONFablab equipped with an electronics station to do experiments or electronics production. The station includes these tools:

  • Gwinstek Laboratory DC Power Supply
  • Gwinstek Digital Storage Oscilloscope
  • Gwinstek Synthesized Function Generator
  • Soldering iron 25W – 30W
  • Mini Soldering iron 1W – 18W
  • Repair Kit
  • Breadboard & Mini Breadboard
  • Copper layered PCB 1 sided & double sided
  • Arduino Uno
  • Adafruit ESP8266
  • Raspberry Pi 2 & 3
  • SMD dan Non SMD electronics Parts

Electric Sewing Machine

An electric sewing machine Janome NS-311A can be use to do any projects or works based on fashion or crafts. This compact and portable sewing machine has spesification:

  • 15 needle pattern
  • 4 step auto button
  • Button enabling feature
  • Aluminium body
  • Adjustable string pulley
  • Auto bobin switcher
  • Enable quilting and pactwork (OPTIONAL SHOES)
  • Enable twin needles (OPTIONAL)

Power Converter 900W

900W power converter or portable welding machine. It can be use to work on simple metal welding, for prototyping structures or basic works related with metals material, on any purposes. This is an additional tools for anyone to work in the lab.

Various Hand Tools

Various hand tools to support anyone working with hardware or any project related with it. The tools such as: screwdrivers any size, water pass, clipper, pliers, hand saw, sanding paper and hand sanding machine, grider, etc.

References Library

Various books for references that anyone can read at our lab, available on several genre: Architecture, product design, open design, pop-up, paper arts, electronics, arduinos, basic design, visual arts, interactivity, kinetics etc.

All these books are not for sale, and not for rent or borrowed. You can read these books in the lab since many other may need it.