Sci-Fi Drawing & Craft

This session combines illustration and making a unique crafts based on your own science-fiction drawing. The mentor will share the manual and digital illustration techniques, how to convert your drawing into digital files and how to produce simple but unique own crafts using laser cutting that you can bring home.

Illustration Technics:

– Anatomi and human gesture
– Mecha/robot/android/cyborg and fantasy
– Fan Art

Craft Fabrication Technics:

– Scanning Illustration
– Convert illustration into digital files
– Cutting and assembling objects/crafts

Participants and Registration:

1. Sci-Fi Drawing and Craft Schedules: See schedules (every Saturday first week/month)
2. Free for anyone to join (adults)
3. Maximum 7 participants (sorry limited space)
4. Registration fee: IDR 150K/person
5. Payment can be done on the day
6. Register through online form
7. We will send you confirmation after receiving your registration