Using the Lab

“There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”

You can use our lab individually or by group to work on your projects, artworks, school assigments or any other things that you need to make. The space, equipments and tools (+ the knowledges) may support you to realize your ideas into reality and we would be very happy to discuss what you want to make!

But you also need to support our lab to be sustainably available for you. Therefore, we will charges you some price for using our lab. As we didn’t rent the machines separately, instead we charge you by hours to use the lab (with all the machines, tools, space, electrivity, Wifi and coffee 😉)

Use the lab for half a day from between 10AM – 10PM (upto 5 hours) for $50

individual or group of max 10 people

Use the lab for a day from 10AM – 10PM (upto 12 hours) for $100

individual or group of max 10 people

You may use any machines, tools, electricity, WiFi based on what you need. We’ll also showed you how to use the machines or tools.
To see what are the equipments available in our lab, check this page.

You need to bring your own materials you need, since you know best what you need.

Unfortunately you can’t just come without any notice. So it would be convenient for both of us to tell us when you like to use the lab.
To book using the lab you need to tell us by fill out this form

Form to use the lab

When you work with long process such as 3D printers, or 3D modeller, you may leave the process in the lab when your time is finished. We will showed you which types of machines process can be left safely.